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Our mission at NFTYInvestors is to provide our community with participation in a high reward investment fund which will include an investment portfolio, debt financing, seed investing and frequent pay-outs, all based and enhanced through blockchain technologies. Welcome to the new world, welcome to NFTY Investors.

Underpinning NFTY Investors is the NFTY token, which launches for presale in November 2022. The NFTY token, named NFTY Coin, will be used to purchase NFTY NFTs and will be the denomination from which rewards and bonuses are paid back to our NFT holders.

NFTYInvestors is a comprehensive ecosystem built by experts in the field, through the looking glass of our community, ie, you. At NFTYInvestors, we run a team of highly skilled investment seekers within multiple investment disciplines whose sole goal is to analyse, pin-point and onboard high reward opportunities. Our token presale is aimed at building the community to drive this forward.

Our goal through NFTYInvestors is to provide our community with the opportunity to join and benefit from our opportunities ecosystem, be part of our story, and share in our success. Being part of the pre-sale, you will form part of this journey right from the start, providing the fuel for the fire.

NFTY Coin is a token of the BEP20 standard, and will operate on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The total supply of the Token is 1,800,000,000, of which up to 875,473,939 is being offered for pre-sale in the initial token offering.Following the pre-sale of NFTY Coin, and once we have acquired our licensing, we will then proceed with the offering of our NFTY NFTs.Our NFT collection represents our investment pool, which will start off at a value of 20M USD. These NFTs will be classified into different classes, and be put up for grabs as soon as our licence has been granted. The NFT holders will participate in the returns from all of our investment activity, will generate wealth as the NFT increases in value over time, and will hold a membership within our Holders Club which provides further rewards and benefits.
One of the main pillars of NFTY Investors is also simplicity. We know the crypto world can be daunting or cumbersome at times, so to streamline this, we have also built a holder’s platform called NFTYPlatform, an easy to use, straight to the point area where you can manage and analyse your rewards and your token/NFT holdings from our ecosystem.

So far so good? Excellent, let’s move on…


Now that we have your attention, let’s dig in.

What we plan to do

Our team of super-star investment seekers shall be constantly zeroing-in on global business opportunities, which have the potential for high rewards in a wide variety of financial disciplines, including but not limited to some of the following:

  • Fixed income
  • Real Estate
  • Debt Portfolios
  • Tech Startups
  • Commodities
  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • iShares
  • Day Trading
  • Government Stock
  • Marketing Initiatives

The risk appetite of the overall investment portfolio will ensure a generous return, whilst retaining sufficient stable tranches in order to weather market uncertainty.

By leveraging the features of Blockchain technology, holders of the NFTY NFT’s and NFTY Tokens will have the opportunity to participate in the NFTY Liquidity Pool designed by our teams of dedicated professionals, enabling investors to gain exposure to the many investment vehicles mentioned above. More information on how this works can be found below within the NFTY’s Liquidity Pool section.

Why is NFTYInvestors different?

There are a number of aspects which set NFTYInvestors apart from your typical fund. Here are a few:

  • By being built on the blockchain and through the utility of our token, we open up multiple revenue streams and rewards. Therefore returns are multidimensional as opposed to being linear.
  • Our ecosystem is open to all and can be bought into via multiple channels including fiat and crypto currencies themselves.
  • The NFTYCoin which will be earned by NFT holders from our investment gains has utility in and of itself, and also has the potential to increase in value as demand for the coin increases.
  • NFTY NFTs can be sold off at a profit as our ecosystem grows and their value increases.
  • Seamless and instant transactions via our NFTYCoin.
  • A highly sought after membership which includes getaways, events, subscriptions to other trusted lucrative financial tools, discounts on NFT purchases, exclusive passes, entertainment packs and much more.
  • Access to our community which is at the heart of our ecosystem.
  • Daily and weekly payouts as opposed to annual dividends.
  • An ecosystem which allows for both FIAT based stability as well as Crypto based returns via the investment liquidity pool and the NFTY coin and NFTY NFTs.

Utilising blockchain technologies, we provide participation in our ecosystem via the following mechanisms:

Our Token

NFTY Coin is the currency at the heart of NFTYInvestors and is used to process transactions from the NFTs purchases as well as the currency used to grant bonuses and returns to our NFT holders. Purchasing NFTY NFTs in NFTY Coin is not mandatory, but it is incentivised through preferential and discounted rates. Furthermore, other features like our NFT Auctioning services will utilise NFTY Coin as a payment mechanism. You will also be able to stake your NFTY Coin on our platform. The NFTY Coin rewards paid out to you as a NFTY NFT holder can be exchanged immediately as soon as they are received, or could be held on account for a later moment in time when the currency is more valuable.

We grant bonuses regularly to our NFTY NFT holders, leading to passive rewards sent back to you in NFTYCoin to your NFTYCoin wallet

Our NFTs

Our NFTY NFTs represent your membership in NFTYInvestors and with it, your participation in our ventures. NFTY NFTs come in three variants of different value, gold, platinum and diamond. Proceeds from the purchases of these NFTs form our investment fund, utilised by our cutting edge investment team whose sole goal is to find the juiciest opportunities and position ourselves to generate the maximum rewards from that opportunity. NFTY NFTs are limited in availability, and as NFTYInvestors grows, their rarity, and therefore their demand will increase, making your initial NFT purchase more valuable than its actual participation value.

What does this mean for you?

Taking an example $5000 NFTY NFT purchase;

  • You gain NFTY Coin as regular passive rewards in NFTY Coin, based on that $5000 NFTY NFT purchase, which you can exchange for FIAT immediately.
  • You can also hold your NFTY Coin for a time where the token is more valuable should you choose to do so, through simple hold and sell or staking the coin within our system.
  • You can sell your $5000 NFTY NFT for a higher price at a later stage as demand for the NFTs increases.

Think of it as owning a part of our investment team, its efforts and its returns.

Our Corepillars

Simplicity & Control

One thing the crypto world sometimes is not, is simple; though it’s a new ecosystem and still in its infancy, so it’s expected. Any crypto enthusiast who doesn’t admit that they have almost flipped a table when: purchasing presale coin offerings, converting funds from one protocol to another, misplacing funds in wrong wallets and so forth, has probably never really been within the crypto world.

We will simplify that, by streamlining how NFTY NFTs are purchased, how rewards are granted and how bonuses are redeemed. A number of options within our NFTYPlatform will be available, the simplest being credit card, where we will handle all the underlying conversions for you utilising technology from our partners at onramper. Other crypto based options will also be available too, including stable coins like USDT, the world’s leading coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as our own NFTY Coin. All you need to do is connect your wallet and the NFTYPlatform will provide all the functionality you require in an easy to use way.

With the NFTYInvestors platform, you are in total control of everything NFTYInvestors related. You have a clear, usable application where to control your NFTY NFTs, your NFTY Coin, rewards and bonuses, club memberships, and your withdrawals once you have connected your non-custodial wallet to the platform.

Multi Faceted Revenue Streams

Through using our ecosystem, your journey is not limited to a linear one, but will offer multiple facets via:

  • The rewards granted from our investment strategies
  • The returns in NFTY Coin which have the potential to increase in value
  • Utilising our staking functionality for your NFTYCoin
  • NFT auctioning which allows the sale of your NFT as demand and it’s price rises
Our first step

The NFTY Coin

This is the first step in our journey, the presale launch of the NFTY Coin. NFTY Coin sits at the heart of our ecosystem. It is the catalyst for all our transaction processing. By utilising our NFTY Coin, we make certain that all of our transactions are transparent through the blockchain. This is our guarantee to you as members of our community.

NFTY Coin will offer our community a number of utilisations, starting with:

  • A payment mechanism for returns to our NFT holders.
  • The utility to purchase NFTY NFTs at a discounted rate
  • Access to our NFTYInvestors NFT auctioning system which utilises NFTY Coin for payments, allowing you to buy and sell NFTY NFTs
  • Access to our NFTY Coin Staking functionality


Ah yes, our NFTY NFTs (read as nifty NFTs), the fuel to our opportunities ecosystem.

There are three types of NFTs, our Diamond, Platinum and Gold versions. The differences lie in their cost and therefore value, their capacity to provide rewards, as well as their rarity. These represent your participation in our ventures . Purchasing one or more of these NFTY NFTs guarantees your place at the table of our investment machine, tying in their value to the success of our total opportunities vault.

Aside from all of that, we also like to think of our NFTs as a collector’s item too, we won’t mint as many Diamond NFTY NFTs as the Gold NFTY NFTs variants. However it does not mean you cannot accrue the same amount of rewards through buying multiple Gold NFTY NFTs, it just means that the overall bonus percentage might be a little bit lower than if you had the same slice percentage based on a Diamond NFTY NFT and, well, you would not be the owner a Diamond NFTY NFT; so if possible, try and get your hands on that Diamond NFTY NFT.

Below is a breakdown of our NFT membership benefits:

Diamond Membership

Membership Requirements: 
Ownership of  Diamond NFTY NFT

  • Yearly diamond club event
  • Getaways
  • Exclusive passes
  • Subscription to crypto signals platform
  • Discounts on next NFTY Purchase
  • Option to donate benefit values to charities
  • Up to 85% rewards plan of profit generated from investments

Platinum Membership

Membership Requirements: 
Ownership of  Diamond NFTY NFT

  • Yearly diamond club event
  • Getaways
  • Exclusive passes
  • Subscription to crypto signals platform
  • Discounts on next NFTY Purchase
  • Option to donate benefit values to charities
  • Up to 85% rewards plan of profit generated from investments

Gold Membership

Membership Requirements: 
Ownership of 1 Gold NFTY NFT

  • NFTYInvestors Merchandise
  • Option to donate benefit values to charity
  • Up to 77% rewards plan of profit generated from investments

NFTY’s Liquidity Pool

Our NFTY liquidity pool is our community investment pool. This shall be structured in a way where proceeds from the NFTY NFT sales will be directly inserted and only live within our investment ecosystem and for no other reason. These proceeds will be exchanged for FIAT through our finance grade banking partner and then utilized by our investment team to perform investments. Profits returned from the investments will then be exchanged back into NFTY Coin and shared with the NFTY NFT holders on a regular basis. If any community members feel they wish to extend their portfolio with us and re-invest those returns, further purchases of NFTs will be available to our community. By working in FIAT for our financial instrument investments, we aim to reduce the risk of volatility within your investment portfolio, while keeping an added potential revenue stream through cryptocurrency gains through the rewards returned back to you in NFTY Coin. Another option is utilizing our NFTY Coin staking functionality for your returned rewards, which will see your NFTY Coin reinvested through our staking functionality.

How it all fits together

The NFTYInvestors Concept

Here is an illustration of how the NFTY Coin, the NFTY NFTs, the investment pool and the rewards all tie in together. Bonuses and rewards gained from the investment pool are regularly sent back to you in NFTY Coin. Hold the coin? Exchange the coin immediately into FIAT through our ? Buy more NFTs with your NFTY Coin? All up to you, no restrictions.

How do I control it?

The NFTY Platform

One login, one account, one platform. Everything NFTY related, simplified. It’s as easy as connecting your wallet to the platform, allowing you to handle everything from there. As a community member, you are our first-class-citizen. From your platform login you have access to your NFTY NFTs, your total rewards, passive rewards, your NFTY Coins and analytics. Some of our platform features will include:

  • Keep tabs on the current NFTY Coin price
  • Claim your NFT Holder’s bonuses
  • View and manage your NFTY NFTs
  • Analyse your return performance
  • Stake your NFTYCoins
  • Auction off or buy NFTs through our Auction Area
  • Connect with the NFTY Community
  • And much more as NFTYInvestors grows
Show me the math


45% of tockens will be sold before the DEX listing via a public presale.
Exchange Pool
20% of tokens will be reserved for listing on centralised and decentralised exchanges.
5% of tokens will be reserved for listing on centralised and decentralised exchanges.
3 Year Unlock
30% of all tokens will unlock for minting over 3 years, and will be used to fund the NFTYInvestors project.

The maximum supply of NFTY Coin will be 1.8 Billion (1,800,000,000). A massive 875,473,939 in tokens will be released for presale, representing 45% of the total supply. The remainder is split into three pools, the first one amounting to 20% (360,000,000) of the total liquidity pool which will be reserved for listing on exchanges, while the remaining 30% (540,000,000) will be unlocked gradually over 3 years, solely for the purpose of funding NFTYInvestors, ascertaining that our focus is on making the product bigger, and with it, your gains too. The remaining 5% is used for our partnerships.

No NFTY Coin Transaction Tax.

Why? Well, in short, it’s not good for you, our community members. A lot of crypto projects add in tax to provide long-term funding, though it’s normally when the crypto has no utility, which, in our case, is definitely not the case. We also wouldn’t push that on you either. Transaction tax means that when you purchase NFTY Coin, you get less than what you paid for, and we simply don’t like that. We prefer a relationship based on trust, and we believe the value of the product will be generated from the product itself and not by taxing our community members.

Our ethos is not to have NFTY Coin transaction tax, and it’s how it will remain.


Purchases of the NFTY Coin are allowed via BNB through using MetaMask and WalletConnect functionality, and Fiat based Credit Cards through Onramper technology to allow for a multitude of non-custodial wallet connections. To protect the project’s integrity and investors funds, it is to our satisfaction to know that Onramper complies in full with AML/KYC requirements in order to offer the NFTY Coin and NFTY NFTs to investors via Fiat Payments. NFTY Coin will be also available on multiple exchanges as per our exchange listing roadmap, where exchanging your rewarded NFTY Coin can be easily exchanged.

Ok, so what’s the plan?


Phase 1


  • Research on Web3, Investments framework
  • Idea and Conceptualisation
  • Product finalization
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Workflow Design
  • Business Model Design

Phase 2


  • Develop a whitepaper for the community at large to learn more about NFTYInvestors
  • Develop brand, website, telegram & social media communities
  • Design prototype investor NFT
  • Smart contract testing and creation
  • Design marketing strategy and identify influencers that align with our cause
  • Open secure business grade wallet for NFTInvestors Coins & NFTs
  • Certify our smart contact with an independent reputable audit service

Phase 3

In progress

  • Launch smart contract on mainnet
  • Launch presale Decentralised Exchange
  • Develop our smart contract for gains sharing algorithm
  • Identify businesses and potential celebrity endorsements and partnerships
  • Generate global press release about NFTYInvestors
  • PR campaign on our NFTY NFTs and NFTY Coin offering

Phase 4


  • Apply for a Financial License
  • Launch coin on pancakeswap
  • Launch first set of NFTY NFTs
  • Social campaigns to drive trending NFTY NFTs sales status
  • Begin work on our Ventures platform

Phase 5


  • Multiple exchange listing
  • Further PR campaigns on NFTY NFTs launch
  • Further PR campaigns on NFTY Coin
  • Launch Ventures Platform for web
  • Begin Opportunities Team operations on Step 1: Business Ventures

Phase 6


  • Paid advertising on investor platform
  • Begin investing in financial instruments on Step 2: Regulated Financial Instruments (following granting of licence)
Who is behind the project?

Our Founders

Sean Camilleri

Multiple time Financial Institutes CEO/CFO


A dynamic leader with a traceable track record spearheading multiple successful and profitable operational initiatives within the finance and investment industry. Strong aptitude for developing strategic operational plans to drive business growth and performance.

Well organised and experienced in leading high-function executive management teams. Compelling multilingual communicator versed in engaging high level stakeholders, liaising with regulatory bodies, and leading international expansion.

NFTYInvestors CPO / CTO

James Bason

Multiple time Crypto Products CPO/CTO


A result driven and passionate executive leader with experience in large enterprises generating heavy yearly revenues. A proven track record in affiliation, both financial and online gambling related, as well as the crypto space, having been instrumental in the strategy, direction and management of multiple successful public facing brands, with specialisation in both Product and Tech departmental verticals and an obsession for building great communities.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the primary risk factors that the Company considers to be significant in relation to the token’s trading and/or use. These risk considerations should be taken into consideration alongside all other information provided in the Whitepaper and participants are recommended to check with their professional advisers (including their financial, accounting, legal, tax, or technical advisers or experts).

The risk of losing access to NFTY NFT & Coin due to the loss of private key(s), a custodial error, or a participation error is as follows:

A wallet is required for the acquisition, storage, and disposal of NFTY NFT & Coin. The participant acknowledges that he is responsible for establishing the Wallet with a third-party provider to retain NFTY NFT & Coin and for taking acceptable security measures to protect the wallet. As a result, if the requisite private key(s) associated with the Wallet holding NFTY NFT & Coin are lost, the NFTY NFT & Coin and any other cryptocurrencies and/or tokens will be lost as well. Additionally, any third party that has access to such private key(s), including through the Participant’s Wallet’s login credentials, may be able to misappropriate the Participant’s NFTY NFT & Coin. Any errors or malfunctions caused by or relating to the Wallet used by the Participant to receive and hold NFTY NFT & Coin, including the Participant’s own failure to properly maintain or use such Wallet, or caused by the Participant’s choice of third-party provider for the Wallet, may also result in the loss of NFTY NFT & Coin.

Hacking risk and security flaws:

Denial of service attacks, Sybil attacks, spoofing, smurfing, virus attacks and any other similar events that could have an influence on NFTY NFT & Coin and the services the Company may offer from time to time may be attempted by hackers or groups of hackers.

The risk of security flaw in the Smart Contract, the Website, or the source code of the NFTY NFT & Coin, or in any associated software and/or infrastructure:

There is a possibility that the Smart Contract, the Website, or the NFTY NFT & Coin may have inadvertent flaws or vulnerabilities in the source code, preventing users from using or losing NFTY NFT & Coin. Updates and modifications may have unwanted or unforeseen consequences for NFTY NFT & Coin.

Risk of not listing or low/no liquidity:

Exchanges may be subject to unclear governmental control, and the Company makes no representations or warranties about exchange service providers. Users, including the participant, may be subject to fraud and failure in connection with those exchanges. There is no guarantee that an active secondary market for NFTY NFT & Coin will develop or continue to develop.

Risk of uninsured losses:

Unlike bank accounts or accounts with financial organisations, NFTY NFT & Coin are not covered unless the participant buys private insurance particularly for that purpose. There is no public insurer for the loss of NFTY NFT & Coin.

Internet transmission risks:

There are threats connected with the use of NFTY NFT & Coin, including the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connections, as well as other technologies on which NFTY NFT & Coin rely. These failures may cause communication breakdowns, mistakes, distortions, or delays when utilising NFTY NFT & Coin or the Website.

Risk of price fluctuation

The quotation of the NFTY NFT & Coin can fluctuate presenting a challenge to model and estimate the future market behaviour even for seasoned cryptocurrency traders. Native cryptocurrencies associated with the internal working of the networks to which the NFTY NFT & Coin is deployed are also subject to fluctuations that directly and indirectly could impact the token’s value in the market. The Participant must comprehensively acknowledge price fluctuation risks of the cryptocurrency market and that still cryptocurrencies are traditionally subject to these significant price fluctuations that are beyond the control of the Company and driven mostly by exterior or market forces. The Participant also recognises their NFTY NFT & Coin value can go down as well as up and they could lose some or all their investment.

Other risks

The Participant acknowledges and accepts the inherent risks connected with NFTY NFT & Coin, including, but not limited to, risks associated with money laundering, fraud, exploitation for criminal purposes and any other unanticipated dangers. If any of the risks described in the terms are unacceptable to the Participant and the Participant is unable to comprehend them, the Participant should refrain from acquiring, holding, or using NFTY NFT & Coin.

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